Welcome to GKP Legal & Wealth

Why GKP?

GKP Legal and Wealth was created in December 2017 after many years building peoples wealth in financial services. It became clear there was a significant need for protecting assets for the benefits of loved ones.

Our vast experience in looking after people, providing a trusted and valued service, is designed to prepare plans for you that will save you money going forward.

We aim to find out what is important to you in relation to the protection of your hard-earned assets for yourselves and future generations. Regardless of whether you decide to meet us in the comfort of your own home, over the phone or via video chat appointment, we hope you leave feeling safe in the knowledge that your questions have been answered.


We are a family owned business that is focused on giving quality advice tailored to your needs. A few ways we help our clients are as follows:

  • Make sure their assets get handed down to who they choose especially when there has been 2 or more marriages.
  • Prevent their assets being handed down to a son in law or daughter in law particularly if they were divorcing their children.
  • Prevent their assets being swallowed up by a Bankruptcy.
  • Protect their assets and how they get looked after in their old age.
  • Reduce Inheritance Tax.

If you have a query about your Will, arrange a chat with us today!